Don’t Insult My Intelligence

I’ve always been disillusioned with local Detroit sports talk radio. Too many lazy hosts who would rather do fluff programming instead of doing some homework to present meaningful topics. Too much focus on every minute detail of what our local teams are doing. If local sports news is slow on any given day, they’ll make up a story to encourage controversy and calls, which apparently drives up the ratings. Most of the local shows count on filling time with callers rather than interviews or discussions that have substance. Continue reading Don’t Insult My Intelligence

Enjoy The Ride While It Lasts

I think sports talk radio has many Detroit fans afraid to treat local sports as entertainment, afraid to stand up and cheer when local teams play well. Talk show hosts like Mike Valenti dismisses fans as lame when they support their teams regardless of their performance on the field. In his mind, if you don’t win the championship, you failed. His focus is always on what’s wrong with each team. My problem with that thinking is you will rarely ever get any enjoyment out of watching sports if you always dwell on the negative. I spend far too much time in front of my TV watching sports to only find enjoyment if they win. Continue reading Enjoy The Ride While It Lasts

There’s No Value In Hindsight

The Red Wings signed two important players on their roster in recent days, avoiding arbitration. I haven’t listened to much talk radio this week but from what I can tell, there’s been very little discussion about the contracts. I note this because fans in this town, and likely others, stand on the side of the road watching, criticizing roster decisions when they don’t work out. It’s always been my opinion that if you have an issue with a roster decisions, speak when the decisions are made, not after they don’t work out. Continue reading There’s No Value In Hindsight

The Joy Of Watching The Garden Grow

In my youth, my father and I spent a lot of time going to sporting events together. It was one of the few things we shared a common passion for. As he got older, he became more negative about sports and the athletes. A lot of it had to do with the huge salaries, but he really didn’t care to talk about the local sports teams very much. There was no way he would ever go to a game with me. I always told myself I hoped I never got that way. Continue reading The Joy Of Watching The Garden Grow