The Realities Of Coming Back With The Same Team

With spring training starting for the Tigers, there’s been a lot of discussion about how the team did the right thing not selling off its talent, and how fortunate we are that ownership decided to stick with the same team. When you compare the two alternatives, I would agree that it will be more fun to watch a competitive team this season. But there’s more to the story. Continue reading The Realities Of Coming Back With The Same Team

A New Era in Detroit Sports

One of my favorite times of the year is when the Tigers report for spring training. It means we’re on the back nine of another winter. It might even mean a warm vacation to Arizona or Florida to watch a little baseball. It’s the time of year when hope springs eternal for a successful season for the Tigers. Unfortunately it looks like the Tigers will fall in line with the other professional Detroit franchises. We are entering a new era in Detroit sports where all four teams wallow in mediocrity, and seem content with the low expectations. Continue reading A New Era in Detroit Sports

Back To The 60’s – Not Much Has Changed

Our vision of today is a very clear picture because we are right there living it. Our vision of the past gets distorted as we only remember what we choose to remember, or what people shed the most light on. Both visions are distorted by our own experiences. For some living in today, the world is a mess. Our political leaders are crooked. Our local sports teams are all losers. Some remember fondly the 1960’s, where life was simple. We marched for peace, believed in free love, and when we needed a break, escape was available with our drug of choice. Athletes were icons who played for the love of the game and their teammates instead of being their own business enterprises. If we look at the world through a microscope, everything is different. But if we look from a bird’s eye view, not much has changed. Continue reading Back To The 60’s – Not Much Has Changed