Back To The 60’s – Not Much Has Changed

Our vision of today is a very clear picture because we are right there living it. Our vision of the past gets distorted as we only remember what we choose to remember, or what people shed the most light on. Both visions are distorted by our own experiences. For some living in today, the world is a mess. Our political leaders are crooked. Our local sports teams are all losers. Some remember fondly the 1960’s, where life was simple. We marched for peace, believed in free love, and when we needed a break, escape was available with our drug of choice. Athletes were icons who played for the love of the game and their teammates instead of being their own business enterprises. If we look at the world through a microscope, everything is different. But if we look from a bird’s eye view, not much has changed. Continue reading Back To The 60’s – Not Much Has Changed

City Of Champions No More

After a winless bowl season, Michigan sports fans were looking forward to getting off to a good start in 2017. On the first full weekend of the new year we had five teams scheduled to play on Saturday. A sports junkie paradise. As if the grey skies and cold weather weren’t enough, it looks like it’s going to be a long winter for our sports teams too. Our teams went 0-4 on Saturday and none of the games were even close. It would’ve been 0-5 if not for an ice storm in Portland that postponed the Pistons game. That loss will probably wrap up the weekend on Sunday. Continue reading City Of Champions No More

Postseason Blues

I always look forward to post season football, with the bowl games in college football, and the playoffs in professional football. There normally isn’t much to look forward to with the NFL playoffs because the Lions are rarely playing. Just a chance to watch some good football teams play do or die games. The state of Michigan is normally represented by U of M and MSU in college bowl games. This year we had an even greater amount of Michigan colleges playing in bowl games. Unfortunately, every team lost. Continue reading Postseason Blues