It’s All In The Presentation

I saw an article recently that said how you sell yourself in an interview is as important as your skill set. I have firsthand experience. At one of my previous jobs, I was told the reason I was selected over a candidate with similar qualifications was how I presented myself in the interview.

National sports talk shows have focused today on Jay Cutler and his continued failures with the Chicago Bears. Nobody ever questions whether he has the physical attributes to be a quarterback. They just don’t like the way he looks. He never shows any emotion and always seems to blame something or someone else for his failures. He doesn’t present the image of a winner. Continue reading It’s All In The Presentation

Every Game Matters

Recent Tiger history is filled with Tiger players and managers reminding fans it’s a long season whenever we voice our displeasure with decisions being made, or the team’s performance on the field. I don’t think fans need to be told playing 162 games is very demanding. It’s difficult to consistently perform at a high level the entire season. But it doesn’t change the fact that every game matters. Continue reading Every Game Matters

Public Opinions Frequently Reflect Ignorance

In today’s social media world, opinions have taken on a life of their own. If one person says it on social media, it sometimes trends in to something larger. Even the ignorant can have their opinion escalated to something newsworthy. It’s a world most of us, even the millennials, are still learning how to navigate correctly. Continue reading Public Opinions Frequently Reflect Ignorance