The Changing Sports Landscape Drives Me Away

As my father got older, he became less interested in sports. The man that used to take me to countless Tiger games and Red Wing games every year suddenly had no interest in going to a game with me when I was in a position to return what he did for me. I could never figure out what happened. He would only say that he struggled with the large salaries athletes were making. As I continue to grow older, I’m beginning to understand that feeling of losing interest in sports. Continue reading The Changing Sports Landscape Drives Me Away

Faces Behind The Games

Bad behavior in sports makes headlines more often than good behavior. Bad boys are more attractive than players who live their life with morals. The media criticizes themselves for giving too much coverage to those who seek headlines. The good news is March Madness brings an overdose of young men achieving unexpected success. TV coverage focuses on the good stories over the bad. Continue reading Faces Behind The Games